About Me

My name is Jackie Meyer, and my goal is to provide businesses information on where their sales are coming from and to focus their efforts on those areas that will impact the bottom line the most. I also focus on keeping their employees, a company’s greatest asset, happy and recognized which leads to increased production.

My over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing strategies and tactics, are backed with proven results for the clients I have worked with both in the US and internationally.

I’d like to share an example of one of my success stories that led to an increase in sales of over $2,500,000.

I was working with United Quotes which was a Peruvian based company that sold leads to independent insurance agents in the United States. Our US office consisted of three callers and three salespeople. The office was in complete disarray.

I put together a program that created a cohesive team. Strategies included interviewing the staff to see what they liked and didn’t like about their jobs. We also implemented incentives and weekly sales meetings. I was able to turn around the US office and the owner said, “Jackie, I want you to do the same thing at our office in Peru”.

So, I went to Peru and began to implement the same strategies that worked in the US office. The Lima, Peru office had 62 people and of course there was a language barrier. Departments were not getting along, and communication was terrible. But I love a good challenge.

I was able to turn around the Lima office in two months. Employee satisfaction went up drastically. Implementing sales incentives and communication helped increase productivity from 217,000 calls per month to 527,000 calls per month. Over a 100% increase. This resulted in a sales increase of over $2.5 million dollars. The owner was thrilled and paid for me to go to Machu Pichu as a result of my efforts. Overall, it was an incredible experience and a great success story.

If you are looking for an outside perspective of your sales team, reach out and see if I can help.