Back to Basics Business Consulting

Sales - Do you know how much it costs you to make a sale? Let's take a look! We will review your sales processes and the metrics you are using to obtain your services and product sales.

Employees - Happy and appreciated employees are a company's greatest asset. Do you know each of your employees likes, dislikes or changes they would like to see about their job or company?


Jackie Meyer brings over two decades of experience working with small businesses to increase sales, work on processes and working with people. Jackie has successfully helped businesses "Get Back to the Basics". She is excellent at finding what a company should be focusing on to not only generate more sales but also keeping employees happy and more productive. Does your company need to have an outside expert take a look at what can be improved in your organization?


We focus on three areas to help you improve your business. First is your sales process. We'll take a look at every aspect and give you valuable data that can be used to make data driven changes that will impact your sales. Second is Employee Satisfaction. Are you employees happy? The impact happy employees have on an organization's productivity can not be under valued. Third is Call Center creation or auditing your existing call center. Do you need a call center or are you interested in testing a call center concept to see if it could bring value to your organization? Does your current call center need help to get back on track?


Evaluating your entire sales process

Employee satisfaction

Are your employees truly happy?


Is your call center performing at its optimum level or are there things that need to be addressed?


Kim Smith

Hartford Group

"It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Jackie Meyer. Jackie’s experience, professionalism and personal qualities will make her a very strong asset for any organization."

Shawn Rodgers

Achieve Communications
"Jackie took over the ancillary sales department. Her responsibilities included the development and design of all collateral materials, selling procedures and actual sales for the Classified and Directory Sections - Mailing and E-mail list rental and Reprints. She did an outstanding job launching these sections and products in all aspects of the campaign."

Michael Martinez

CO Assoc. of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

"Jackie has been one of the most integral pieces of our organization over the last 3 years that I have been involved. She has been the operational glue that on a daily basis kept the organization moving fluidly. Her attention to detail, hard work ethic, large array of skills & positive attitude would lend well with any company."